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Data Explorer

We offer a data driven platform to discover, optimize in real time
and automatically your processus and make your Business more profitable.

Our modules

Our Promises



360° enterprise view

DATA EXPLORER provides a detailed and accurate description of your business processes as they are not as they supposed to be, to help you to identify strength and weakness in your operations.



Diagnostic time in less than 5 mn

DATA EXPLORER allows you to easily identify the root cause of any failure or the changes to optimize your performance.



Improve customer satisfaction

DATA EXPLORER identifies in a proactive way, all the non-compliant or failed processes that may impact customer satisfaction, and maps their journey to let you create personalized relationships for a better matching of customer expectations.



Improve and secure your revenues

The eradication of defects and the optimization of the performance of your processes leads to a significant reduction in operating costs.

The continuous analysis and optimization of interactions and customer journeys increases your revenues.

At the end of the day it may represent several million dollars of profits.

Our Approach

We help you to get the maximum profit of your data. 

Our disruptive approach based on process mining and IA algorithms allows us to analyse your data in real time to discover your processes rather than describing how they are supposed to operate.

We analyse the massive data produced by computer applications and related to their own operation. We combine big data technologies that enable us to collect and analyse these large amounts of data, with process mining and artificial intelligence technologies, to discover and characterise processes.

Our Method

The power of artificial intelligence

To provide an accurate picture of your processes, as they are, not as they are supposed to be.
To locate blocking points, slowness and non-conformance of discovered processes.
To identify and characterize the corrective actions to make processes more fluid and effective.
To predict future trends and avoid any drift, in a proactive way.